You Don’t Have to Harm Your Teeth to Enjoy Holiday Foods

November 4, 2021

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woman serving family turkey at thanksgiving

We know folks like The Grinch get worried when the holidays come around, but if your teeth could talk, they might be expressing some concern, as well. While the holidays bring plenty of traveling, parties, and gift-giving, they also involve a lot of eating. Many people will let their diet slip when it comes to holiday foods, but it’s not okay to relax on your dental hygiene.

Read on for some ideas from your dentist in Toledo on how you can have a great time while your oral health stays in excellent standing to close out 2021.

Don’t Use Your Teeth to Open Things You Can’t Eat

Don’t use your teeth to open plastic toy wrapping or other holiday packaging. Hopefully, this one goes without saying, but just in case, don’t crack nuts with your teeth. The hard surface of most nutshells can cause severe tooth and gum damage. They can certainly crack teeth.

A Second Helping of Turkey and Veggies – Bring It On

There are foods at the holiday party that taste good but don’t leave your teeth trembling. Passing on cookies and opting for vegetables is a huge win for your teeth. Broccoli and carrots specifically have a lot of vitamin A to strengthen your enamel. Turkey is another holiday food that’s great for you. It’s loaded with phosphorus and protein, which can both help keep your teeth healthy.

The Best Drink of Water Is Always the Next One

There is wine and soda to be had at every holiday party but be careful for the sake of your teeth. Fizzy water is a better option than soda, but if you go the soda route then try to use a straw to keep most of the acid off your teeth, and remember that dark cola can stain enamel. When drinking wine, remember that red wine is a major culprit for tooth stains. White wine is less of a staining risk, but a risk nonetheless so be sure to brush afterward.

Being Careful with Hard Candy Is an Easy Decision

Copy the suggestions from a Halloween candy blog and paste them into this section. Hard candies like peppermints and candy canes can crack your teeth if you bite too hard into them. If you can’t pass on the canes this year, then try to limit your intake and brush your teeth after eating any candy. Even if you don’t crack your teeth eating hard candy, it can be really stubborn about sticking to your teeth.

Take a Toothbrush on Your Travels

Actually, take a toothbrush, some floss, and a travel-size mouthwash. This time of year often means traveling and if that is the case for you, don’t leave concern for your oral hygiene at home. You can also get a dental travel kit at a pharmacy if you need to save space.

There’s a lot going on during the holiday season to take your mind away from your oral health routine, including some sweet, delicious foods. Just be sure to stay diligent about caring for your teeth and gums even if you are relaxing otherwise. A visit to your dentist after the holidays for a professional cleaning is a wise move.

About the Practice

At Dental Group West, you’ll find an environment that prioritizes your comfort just as much as your oral health. We offer sedation dentistry if you need help relaxing, and our highly trained dentists are prepared to perform any treatment you might need. Even when it comes to the payment process, we’re going to help remove your stress every step of the way. Our dentists understand the challenges of making wise food decisions during the holidays, but it can be done, and good oral hygiene makes an enormous difference. When the holidays are wrapping up, we’ll be here to help you get set for the New Year with a dental cleaning and exam. To make an appointment, visit our website or call (419) 539-2168.

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