Dentures & Partials in Toledo

Tooth loss is not an uncommon oral health problem. In fact, more than half of all Americans will lose at least one tooth in their lifetimes, and many will lose more than one. No matter what your situation is, we want to make sure that you seek out tooth replacement options as soon as possible. When you avoid treatment because of embarrassment or fear, you leave yourself open to complications. One option available for tooth replacement at our Toledo, Ohio dental office is a denture or partial. We can create a full or partial denture specifically for you, making sure that your removable prosthetic is comfortable and allows you to feel completely confident. Dentures and partials are often an attractive option for tooth replacement from Dental Group West because of their affordability.

Dentures are removable dental prosthetics. For those who are missing all of the teeth along an arch, we can create a full denture; a partial denture is designed to fit into a smile when there are still some natural teeth remaining. The first step is to analyze your overall oral health and determine whether a full or partial denture will be best for your situation. We want to do all we can to preserve as many of your own teeth as possible, but we also need to make sure that remaining teeth are healthy enough to properly support a partial denture.

Dentures and partials are designed to look as natural as possible. A gum-like base supports replacement teeth. A full denture is held in place with a combination of natural suction and denture adhesives while a partial denture includes a frame that can grasp onto remaining teeth to hold the removable prosthetic in place. We can also design implant-supported dentures, combining the qualities everyone loves about dental implants with removable dental prosthetics. The denture will still be removable, but it will snap into place on dental implants specifically designed to provide added stabilization.

Dentures and partials have been around for hundreds of years in some form or fashion, but they’ve evolved over time. Today’s dentures and partials are more attractive, comfortable, and functional than ever before. Dr.'s Thomas, Weisenburger and Poole work to provide quality in every treatment we offer, and that includes dentures and partials. When we need to accommodate budgetary or health concerns, we may recommend dentures for tooth replacement, and we want you to know that we can achieve great results with this option.

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