Emergency Dentistry – Toledo Ohio

Relieve Pain & Put the Smile Back on Your Face

Dental emergencies can’t always be predicted or prevented, but for Toledo patients at Dental Group West, emergency dentistry can be planned for. When dental emergency strikes, our team is here to help right away. In most cases, we’re able to accommodate same day dental appointments for patients in need of urgent treatment. When you call the office during a dental emergency, one of our skilled team members will partner with you to assess your situation, complete first aid steps, and ensure your comfort until you reach our office for your emergency appointment.

What “Counts” as a dental Emergency?

Anytime you’re in pain or have damaged dental structures, you should contact our office immediately. It’s always best that we get to work restoring your smile as soon as possible. Some of those situations we see most often as dental emergencies include:

What Should I do During a Dental Emergency?

During a dental emergency, the first step is to pick up the phone and give our Toledo dental office a call. One of our team members will take the time to walk you through specific steps you can take to care for your smile at home. Some basics to keep in mind include:

Toothache Relieving Root Canal Therapy

If you’re experiencing dental damage or decay that accesses the inner layers of teeth, the pulp, you may need root canal therapy. While these treatments have a reputation for being painful, they can actually significantly relieve discomfort and save a tooth that would otherwise need to be removed. Root canal treatment is performed by drilling an access hole into the pulp layers of teeth. Then, the pulp and nerve structures are removed and replaced. The access hole is sealed, and a dental crown is affixed to protect and strengthen the damaged tooth.

Sedation Dentistry Options

To start relieving your pain immediately during an emergency, we can offer dental sedation options. From mild nitrous oxide sedation to more advanced oral conscious and IV sedatives, we can help you maintain complete comfort throughout your time in our office.

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