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Did You Know that Your Dentist in Toledo Can Save You Money?

April 13, 2019

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Woman smilingOne of the main reasons why people skip their dental appointments is to save money. If there’s no pain in your mouth or problems that you can see, what’s the point of going to the dentist? While it may seem like you’re saving yourself some money, it could greatly cost you in the long run. Unlike other medical conditions that get better with time, untreated dental problems will only get worse. Keep reading to learn how seeing your dentist regularly will help you stay healthy and keep your pocketbook full!


A Dentist in Toledo Explains the Link Between Oral Health and Alzheimer’s

March 8, 2019

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an elderly man who is showing signs of forgetfulnessAs you grow older, the changes in your hair, facial and body shape, and even lifestyle can catch you off guard. But, what about the changes that occur with your mind? While yes, it is natural to be a bit more forgetful as you age, it could be that you are showing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. And what about your oral health? Are you taking care of it with good oral habits? A dentist in Toledo explains how the status of your oral hygiene can impact brain function and the possibility for Alzheimer’s.


A Dentist in Toledo Explains Why Fluoride Is So Important

February 28, 2019

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Do you want to keep your teeth as healthy as possible in between visits to your dentist in Toledo? Getting enough fluoride is essential. Otherwise your teeth will be at heightened risk for enamel loss and cavities. Fortunately, it’s easy to get the fluoride you need from unfiltered tap water, major toothpaste brands, or dentist-prescribed treatments. There’s nothing more natural, or more beneficial to dental health, than this humble product.


DDS Versus DMD: Does It Make a Difference When Choosing a Dentist in Toledo?

January 19, 2019

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It pays to do your research when looking for the right dentist in Toledo. Office location, areas of expertise, and convenient hours are all important factors. Some things are less critical, however. This is especially true when it comes to whether the dentist holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD degree). Both degrees have essentially the same requirements.


A Peaceful Dental Procedure with Your Sedation Dentist in Toledo

December 15, 2018

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woman receiving nitrous oxide treatmentFor many Americans, the thought of visiting the dentist for any form of care causes anxiety or phobia. Unfortunately, it blocks many of them from receiving the dental care they need. With sedation dentistry, though, they are able to receive treatment without having to endure an uncomfortable visit. Your sedation dentist in Toledo explains the different ways available to calm frayed nerves. Additionally, you’ll learn what to expect from each form of sedation dentistry.


How Long Should You Expect Your Teeth Whitening in Toledo to Last?

November 28, 2018

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woman showing before and after whiteningWhen you have stained teeth, you’re always wondering whether other people notice the discoloration. Studies show that, more than likely, the people you encounter will notice the condition of your smile before anything else. With teeth whitening in Toledo, though, the look of your teeth can be rejuvenated. The next concern is how long the results will last after treatment. Read on to find out.


Toothbrush Care Tips from a Dentist in Toledo

October 22, 2018

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Family brushing teeth side-by-sideSeeing your dentist in Toledo for regular cleanings and checkups is a good idea. But exercising good self-care at home is just as important. This includes not only regular brushing and flossing but taking care of your toothbrush as well.


Your Dentist in Toledo Says Drooling Could Be a Sign of This

August 23, 2018

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man drooling while asleepIt’s embarrassing to wake-up to a wet spot on your pillow after a night of intense snoozing, but your dentist in Toledo says that if drooling is something that you do often, it could be a sign of a greater issue. As you read on, you’ll learn what could be the cause of your drooling, what can be done to correct the problem and how to prevent greater issues from arising.


Take a Stand Against Oral Cancer with Your Dentist in Toledo!

April 2, 2018

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oral cancer word black inkDentists all around the country have joined forces to emphasize the importance of preventive care visits in April, as this is National Oral Cancer Awareness Month. This year, over 40,000 people will be diagnosed with this disease. Thus, one of the goals of professionals is to reverse the trend of the rising number of new cases. Your dentist in Toledo is eager to do his part, which is why he encourages you to maintain preventive care visits to get a full oral cancer screening. Learn more about this disease and how you can fight it as you read on.


Why Is My Tongue Orange? Your Family Dentist in Toledo Answers!

March 10, 2018

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orange tongueEverything from orange popsicles to gelatins to hard candies can give your tongue a very distinct, warm hue, but what if your tongue has changed colors and you haven’t eaten any of these foods? Should you be concerned? According to your family dentist in Toledo, there are numerous factors that can cause the tongue to turn orange, and some may actually indicate an underlying medical condition. What are they? Read on to learn more. (more…)

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