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Quality Dental Care in Experienced Hands

Do you want to have complete confidence in your dental office? When you visit the dentist, do you want to find yourself in an environment that is as geared toward your comfort as it is toward your oral health? Are you nervous about visits to the dentist and interested in sedation dentistry to help you feel more relaxed? If so, you might be interested in visiting Dental Group West in Toledo, Ohio. Dr.'s Thomas, Weisenburger and Poole are highly trained dentists who’ve continued their education over the years to offer you the latest in everything from preventive care and restorative dentistry to beautiful veneers near you.

One of the things that you’ll immediately notice when you visit Dental Group West is our comfortable office environment. Yes, we’re up-to-date on the latest dental care technology, but we also feature amenities that can help you feel completely at ease, especially during longer treatments. When you’re undergoing a tooth-colored filling placement or the bonding of a crown, you want to feel relaxed and at home. Learn more about our dental office in Toledo.

We don’t just want to meet your expectations – we want to exceed them. That’s why we provide a full list of dental care treatments, including TMJ treatment and dental implants. We work together with select specialists to provide you with a seamless dental implants treatment experience. The trusted specialists can perform the surgical portion of your treatment before you return to Dental Group West to have your dental implant restorations fixed in place. With TMJ treatment, we can alleviate the pain and function problems associated with TMJ issues. By offering these services to our patients nearby, we show our commitment to excellent oral health and happiness through healthy smiles.

For our restorative dentistry, we use the most popular materials and trustworthy dental labs to craft crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implant restorations that marry art and science. These days, the line between restorative and cosmetic dentistry is completely blurred. With porcelain dental restorations, we can repair and replace teeth that have been damaged or lost without dinging your self-confidence. We want our patients to feel more than satisfied with their smiles – we want them to feel excited about the results we achieve at Dental Group West.

We Make World-Class Dentistry Affordable

At Dental Group West, we firmly believe that every part of your dental experience should be stress-free, including the payment process. If you have a dental plan, we would be more than happy to file claims on your behalf, maximize your benefits, and help you understand the cost every step of the way. No insurance? No worries! We also accept financing through Wells Fargo, which allows you to break up even the most extensive treatments into manageable chunks. So, whether a sudden dental injury requires emergency dentistry, you need your dentures replaced, or a painful toothache needs root canal therapy, you can get the world-class care you need at a fair price.

We Can't Wait To Meet You!

Dr.'s Thomas, Weisenburger and Poole want to be your dentists, and we want Dental Group West to be your dental care home. If you’re in need of a dental checkup or have been experiencing symptoms of oral health problems, we invite you to make an appointment at our Toledo, Ohio dental office. Our gentle, caring dentists and comforting environment come together to make your dental care experience at our office a pleasant one every time.

Finding Our Office Near You

Is it time for your visit? You can find our office at 5532 W. Central Avenue, near State Route 120 and U.S. Route 20. We are also close to Wildwood Park and are surrounded by a number of familiar stores, including Walmart, Ballas Buick GMC, and Wendy’s. If you would like step-by-step instructions on locating our practice in your area, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a new patient or a long-time patient considering a new service, we understand that many questions arise throughout the process. That’s why our team of dentists, at Dental Group West are just one phone call away! Our fantastic staff would love to provide you with immediate assistance, from learning more about our services to scheduling an appointment. However, if you’d like to do more research before contacting our office, then keep reading for a few frequently asked questions (and their answers!).

How Can I Make a Same-Day Appointment with a Dentist?

From an unexpected opening in your calendar to the need for urgent treatment for a painful toothache, there are a plethora of reasons you may want to schedule a same-day visit. The quickest way to get an appointment scheduled is to call our office. That way, one of our fantastic team members can provide you with instant help. However, if you’d prefer to request an appointment on our website, you are welcome to do that as well. Once you’ve submitted your information, our staff will reach out to you with personalized times that work for your schedule.

How Do I Find the Best Place to Get Dental Work Done?

Searching “dentist near me” in Google may initially seem like the best way to find the answer to this question. However, looking through pages of search results can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why we recommend defining what you are looking for first. Is it a practice that accepts your dental insurance? One that offers sedation dentistry to help with your dental-related anxiety? From there, you can focus on the feel of the practice by reading their patient reviews and team bios. Feel free to look at photos and watch the videos on their website so you can get even more insight into what it’s like to be a patient at their practice.

What Do You Do If You Can’t Afford a Dentist?

Over the years, the misconception that dental care is expensive has grown. In reality, neglect is expensive. Not attending your biannual checkup and cleaning may initially seem like a great way to save money, but the short and long-term consequences can be disastrous for your oral health and your wallet. Plus, many dental insurance plans cover up to 100% of the cost of preventive care. And, if you don’t have a dental plan, there are always low-to-no interest financing options that can break up even the most extensive treatment into manageable chunks.

What Level of Education Is Required to Be a Dentist?

To practice dentistry in the U.S., dentists must first complete their bachelor’s degree before earning their Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Sciences (DDS) from one of the 67 accredited dental schools. During this time, they receive extensive training both in and out of the classroom to ensure maximum proficiency. Each year, they must continue to stay abreast of the latest technology and techniques by completing numerous continuing education hours.

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