Dental Services in Toledo, OH

When we say that we offer a full list of dental care services for Toledo, Ohio at Dental Group West, we mean it! From the basic dental checkups to periodontal therapy, root canal therapy, TMJ treatment, and more, you can visit the Toledo family dentist for nearly any services your teeth and gums need. And because we’ve cultivated relationships with some of the most trusted oral surgery professionals in the area, you can also rely on us to provide reliable referrals for those times when it’s necessary. However, we want you to rest assured that when you select Dental Group West to be your Toledo dentist for all of your dental care needs, you’re gaining access to comprehensive generalrestorative, and cosmetic dental care services and an office where relationships come first. We want to be your partners in helping you enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Our dental care services include:

At the heart of the practice of your general dentist in Toledo is the dental checkup. For the sake of your oral health as well as your general health, a checkup is something you’ll want to schedule every six months for yourself and all the members of your family. At these visits, we’ll of course clean your teeth, but equally important is our careful examination of your teeth and gums for signs of trouble. If we can find and treat a problem early, then chances are we’ll be able to save you the inconvenience and expense of more extensive treatment.

Moreover, your oral health impacts your general health. Did you know that the bacteria that cause gum disease have been connected to several bodily diseases and illnesses? Conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and pregnancy complications can all be affected or even the result of the condition of your oral health. Our dentists offer non-surgical periodontal therapy to help keep you and your gums healthy. By removing plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line, we’re also removing the bacteria that lead to gum disease, both gingivitis and periodontitis.

Your visit to our Toledo, OH dental office will be calm, comfortable, and relaxing. Thanks to sedation dentistry, we can make sure that anxious patients or those in need of extensive treatment have pleasant experiences too. Whether you’re coming to Dental Group West for preventive checkups and cleanings or full-mouth reconstruction treatments such as dental implant restorations, we want to make sure you know that comfort is as much a part of your care here as clinical excellence.

From oral health treatments to complete cosmetic dental care services, Dental Group West is here for your smile. We know that one thing is certain; you’ll enjoy building relationships with Dr.'s Thomas, Weisenburger and Poole and the team at our Toledo, Ohio dental office. Contact us to make your next appointment!

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