What Can You Do About TMJ Disorder?

November 10, 2014

80720280Have you been experiencing unexplained headaches, earaches or difficulty chewing? If yes, you may be suffering from a TMJ Disorder. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a joint on each side of your head that connects your jawbone to the rest of the skull. This important joint and its surrounding muscles enable you to open, close and rotate your jaw. Sometimes, this joint can deteriorate or malfunction due to excessive wear from teeth clenching/grinding, arthritis or injury. The restorative dentistry experts of Dental Group West can diagnose and provide treatment for TMJ disorder. Don’t allow your TMJ to get out of control. Make an appointment with Dr. Thomas, Dr. Poole or Dr. Weisenburger today. Dental Group West proudly serves patients throughout Toledo, OH, Bowling Green, Sylvania, Oregon, Perrysburg and the surrounding communities.

Signs of TMJ Disorder

  • Pain– Pain in the joint area or surrounding muscles. Usually located just in front of the ear, radiating between the cheek, the ear and the temple.
  • Limited Function– Jaw movement may be difficult. A tight or stuck feeling in the jaw. In more severe cases the jaw may get “locked”, making it hard to open or close the mouth.
  • Unusual Noises– Clicking or popping noises coming from the jaw joint when chewing or moving the mouth.
  • Ear Discomfort– Because the jaw joint sits just in front of the ear, some may experience ear symptoms such as noises in the ear, sensitivity to sound or dizziness.

TMJ Disorder Treatment in Toledo, OH

You may have found it difficult to find the right treatment for your TMJ disorder in the past. But you can find effective treatment to reduce stress on the joint and prevent further damage at Dental Group West. The experienced dentists of Dental Group West can provide immediate relief from TMJ symptoms. Make an appointment with their Toledo office today. Dr. Thomas, Dr. Poole and Dr. Weisenburger proudly serve patients throughout Toledo, OH, Bowling Green, Sylvania, Oregon, Perrysburg and nearby cities.

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