Family Dentist in Toledo Uses iTero for Easier Impressions

January 6, 2016

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family dentist toledoAt Dental Group West, we pride ourselves on bringing the best dentistry to Toledo residents and neighbors. One way we accomplish that is by using the latest in technology to care for your teeth — like the new iTero digital scanner, a more high tech way of capturing an image of your teeth! Keep reading to learn why our patients greatly prefer iTero to traditional impressions, from your family dentist in Toledo.

Family Dentist in Toledo Prefers iTero Digital Scanner

When you want to capture an image of your niece or nephew, you don’t get out the clay to make a model. No, you use a camera, of course — and it’s no different with your teeth. For years, dentists have used impression paste in a tray to create a model of your teeth which can then be used for the milling of a crown or veneer, for example. But now, the iTero digital scanner lets us take an accurate digital photo of your teeth.  

How iTero Technology Works

To use the iTero digital scanner in our state-of-the-art Toledo dental office, Dr. Thomas, Weisenburger or Poole carefully move the scanner around the teeth they’re focusing on to capture a clear, super accurate image. That image is then emailed to the trusted lab that mills the new restoration — a crown, denture, veneer or something else.

Benefits of Dental Group West’s iTero Digital Scanner

Our patients have come to expect state-of-the-art dentistry from Dental Group West, the family dentist in Holland and Toledo OH. Those who have benefitted from the iTero digital scanner over traditional impressions have enjoyed the following advantages.

  • Comfortable: Dental impressions require the use of pastes placed over the teeth in trays, a sensation that causes gagging for some patients. The iTero scanner works more like a camera, taking digital pictures of the teeth.
  • Increased accuracy. Because the paste and laboratory plaster steps are skipped, fit accuracy can be more consistently obtained.
  • Confidence. When you visit a dental practice that makes use of the latest technology like the iTero scanner, you can feel good knowing you’re getting the best that new technology has to offer.

Visit our State-of-the-Art Office This Month

Are you interested in benefitting from a dental team that values advancements in technology? That strives to bring you the very best treatment based on your unique needs? If so, don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment with Dental Group West today. We’re your dentist in Toledo, and we can’t wait to see your smile!

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