Dental Crown Dilemma: Does Getting One Hurt?

January 1, 2024

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Dental crown resting on a fingertip

Plenty of people feel anxious about dental visits, especially if they’re having a procedure done. For example, many patients worry about being fitted for a dental crown. There’s a common misconception that you’ll be stuck in the dentist’s chair for a long and painful treatment, but that’s not the case. Keep reading to learn more about the process behind getting a dental crown and whether you should anticipate any discomfort!

What is a Dental Crown?

Before diving into what to expect, it’s important to establish what a dental crown is. When you have a tooth that’s broken or decayed, its structure is impaired. That makes it more vulnerable to dental issues like progressive cavities, spreading tooth decay, or additional injury. To protect your pearly white, your dentist will create a customized tooth-shaped cover made of a lifelike, tooth-colored material. This shields it while simultaneously perfecting the appearance of your smile.

Is the Process of Getting a Dental Crown Painful?

Having a better understanding of the process of getting dental crowns can alleviate some of the concerns you’ve been feeling about it. Typically, it includes the following steps:

  • Consultation appointment. You’ll have an oral examination that includes imaging to determine the full extent of the harm done to your tooth and whether a dental crown is appropriate.
  • Making impressions. Your dentist will create impressions of your teeth either manually or digitally to capture the details needed to create your restoration.
  • Preparation. Your tooth will be cleaned and worn down enough to make room for the dental crown to fit over it and align with your natural teeth.
  • Temporary crown. We’ll provide a temporary crown to wear in the meantime while the lab builds your customized piece.
  • Final placement. Once your dental crown arrives, we’ll schedule you for a final appointment to have it bonded in place.

It’s normal for patients to experience some mild discomfort after having a dental crown placed, but typically it’s not considered an invasive or painful procedure. If you experience a consistent toothache or any swelling, contact your dentist so they can examine your mouth and ensure that everything is functioning as intended.

If you’re still feeling overly concerned, talk with your provider. They know many patients experience anxiety before their appointment, and many offer various sedation options to help you feel calm and comfortable.

Soon, the process will be behind you, and you’ll enjoy all the advantages that come with your recently repaired smile!

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